Tuesday, March 19, 2013

~They Call Me The Wrapper~

Well, they don't really call me the wrapper...but it makes a good title don't ya think?

A few years ago, I bought a wrapping paper organizer that goes under the bed.  I had a love/hate relationship with that thing.  I loved it because it gave my gift wrap a place to live.  I hated it because it just ended up being a big dumping station with everything just jumbled all together.  Plus every time I wanted to wrap something, I had to dig it out from under my bed. 

I LOVE Pinterest.  My goodness, the ideas out there are amazing.  I've always been a good copy cat crafter, so Pinterest is right up my ally. 

I stumbled upon this lovely pin.  You may have seen it.

Closet to Gift-Wrapping Station
I knew right away that I wanted NEEDED this lovely set-up! 
Here is my version
I purchased this kitchen shelving system from Wal-Mart.
This system can hang over the door or you can hard mount it.
I decided to hard mount the rack to the inside of our linen closet door (okay, when I say "I" hard mounted, please read "my wonderful husband" ).  This gave me more height to work with.  I was able to utilize the whole length of the door and not be restricted by the length of the rack itself.
I reused a Victoria's Secret bag to store my tissue paper. 
I just whipped up some letters on my cricut to cover the name of the store.
I have quite a few giant bags that wouldn't fit anywhere.  I bought a large Command Hook that holds up to 5 pounds.  The bags hang behind the wrapping rolls.  I tied a piece of skinny ribbon on either side of the rack to keep the wrapping paper rolls from falling forward.
This brings me to another awesome pin. 
Have you seen this idea?
toilet roll tubes gift wrap holder idea muslim blog
I really like this idea, but I don't like the look of toilet paper tubes.  Enter...scrapbook paper! 
I just wrapped the tube in pretty paper. 
Now, that's better!

I'm getting organized, one step at a time. 
I get caught up in all the eye candy organizing out there.  Looking at the beautiful pictures gives me inspiration, but sometimes  it makes me to stumble.  I get caught up in trying to make everything look perfect like the pictures in a magazine. 
This is real life organizing.  My paper, bags and ribbon are not in one beautiful color scheme like the one on BHG.  But it works.  I did it!
We Can Do This!

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