Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dishes & Blessings

Thank God for Dirty Dishes
author unknown
Thank God for Dirty Dishes,
They have a tale to tell.
While others are going hungry,
We're eating very well.
With home and health and happiness,
I shouldn't want to fuss.
For by this stack of evidence, 
God's very good to us.

In our cozy little rental, we do not have a dishwasher.  I know there are a ton of people living without a dishwasher.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not whining or complaining.   I just miss one!  The main reason I miss my dishwasher is because I am the Great Procrastinator.  With a dishwasher, you can load your dirty dishes, out of site until, it is full.  Then you can turn the machine on and walk away.  And if you don't feel like unloading the dishwasher right away, you can let them hang out for a while.

Hand washing dishes means "Thou Shalt Not Procrastinate".  Ugh, not doing the dishes one day means I'll be standing there for 45 minutes to an hour just washing up.  Then the dishes sit on the valuable counter space to dry - cause you know I'm not standing there for another 40 minutes towel drying every dish. 


Like the little poem at the top suggests, dishes are a visual reminder of how blessed we are to be healthy and eating well (maybe a little too well)! 

Only on day four of my jog-a-day goal and already hit a speed bump.  My oldest superhero has an earache.  He stayed home from school today.  No jogging.  Hopefully tomorrow.