Thursday, March 28, 2013

~Spring Fling Challenge~ Here it is!

I am so excited to share the new challenge for the month of April. 
 This challenge is all about getting healthy.  
And I'm hoping to shed a few pounds too!

Before we begin the challenge:

  1. We all need to record our current weight. 
  2. Choose a weigh day. 
  3. We need to record measurements of our hips, thighs, belly, bust and arms. 
If you need some guidance on how to take your measurements visit LIVESTRONG.COM.
It's important to get your measurements because sometimes we don't lose pounds but we do lose inches.  As you make better food choices and exercise, your body will tighten and firm! 

Choose a day that suits you to weigh in.  Don't weigh yourself everyday.  Our body fluctuates from day to day.  Just choose one day to weigh yourself.  Mine is Saturday morning (in my underwear, before I eat and after I pee...eek TMI...but I want the greatest chance of seeing that scale move!).
And now without further delay:  

Here are the new goals for the month of April

~Spring Fling Challenge~

  • Eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day (combined)
  • Eat an apple a day.  There ya go, one fruit down already
  • No fast food, chips, pop, muffins, cookies, brownies, cakes, pies.  You get the picture.  Basically no junk! 
    • Don't be discouraged already..I have a surprise....keep reading
  • Take a multi-vitamin everyday
  • Drink at least 8 eight ounce glasses of water a day
  • Do 30 minutes of exercise 5 times a week.  Yep you get two days off, you choose which two!
  • You get one SPLURGE a week
Splurge!  That's the surprise.  This month long challenge includes one splurge day per week!  What is a splurge?  It's an ice cream cone, a can of soda pop, a serving of chips!  It's whatever you want it to be and whenever you want it to be.  But you only get one per week, so use it wisely.  And be smart.  A splurge is not consuming an entire family size bag of potato chips in one sitting.  It's just one serving to get you over your craving. 

If you add a sixth day of exercise during your week, give yourself a bonus splurge to be used on another day!

And my favorite part...........
The printable chart to keep track of all those things we need to do.

This printable is only good for one week.  So you'll need to print out several.  Just check off each section as you go.  The water section only has seven water drops.  I thought we could put eight dots in each water drop to keep track of the day's water intake.  This way the chart wasn't loaded up with a bunch of water drops.  After all we will be drinking 56 glasses of water a week.  Say What? 
We will be starting in the middle of a week so this printable won't match up exactly to the weeks in April.  For example, the first week of April only has six days, but you get the idea.
Ready to start with me? 
Go to the store this weekend and buy your fruits and veggies!  Don't forget the apples and a bottle of multi-vitamins too.
This challenge begins April 1st and runs the whole month!
We Can Do This!
As with any diet or exercise program, consult your doctor before starting.  I am not a health care professional.  This is just something I'm doing be a healthier person! 


  1. Incentive is up, The sun is shining and I'm all ready for Monday.

  2. Ok, everything is printed and I'm ready to go. Wanted to start earlier in the week but the flu has had me down and I couldn't eat. So, I guess I'm off to a lighter start than I anticipated!

  3. Hi Anonymous!
    I hope you are feeling much better now! Eating all these fruits and veggies will hopefully help fight away any more sick germs! Thanks for joining the challenge!


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