Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Is there a Method to her madness?

So I took a trip to the local Target store.  I went on a task to raid the dollar section for some little organizing bins.  I LOVE Target's dollar section!  Look what I found!  These cute little things make me want to tear apart a drawer and organize!  I'll post pics once they find a home.

With my hands full of tiny bins, I decided to take a walk around (which is always hazardous for my wallet).  I landed in the cleaning section...somehow I always end up there.   I LOVE to clean!  There I said it!  I really do love to clean.  I oogled over the Method cleaning section.  I've been reading a bit about cleaning with natural products.  There is a lot of buzz out in blog land about them. I thought I would give them try.  I was drawn to the sleek, modern look of the Method packaging, but more importantly I was drawn to the natural ingredients and the price.  This bottle is only $2.99 for 28 fluid ounces.  This is comparable to what I currently pay for my cleaners.   I chose an all purpose cleaner in the scent of clementine.  I'll let you know what I think. 
Do you use all natural products?  If so, which ones do you use?  What are your favorites?  I really would like to know your opinions. 

I am not being paid by Target or Method to write this.  It's just my own personal opinion.  I'm hoping you'll share your thoughts on all natural cleaners...I need a little help here.

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