Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I'm quitting....In a Good Way!

Today my little superheros made a decision to quit sucking on their thumbs.  Well one sucks his thumb, the other sucks his arm.  It's a habit they both formed while infants.  But now they are three and five.  I was a thumb sucker well into Kindergarten.  I remember getting much comfort from sucking my thumb but feeling shame because everyone around me told me how bad and yucky it was.  I would still suck my thumb, but just hide it from everyone.  I didn't want my boys to have the same feelings of shame and guilt.  Today we talked about trying to stop.  I didn't use negative words, I just told them I thought it was time to quit because arms and thumbs weren't made to suck on forever.  My husband and I came up with a reward of going to a very fun local indoor playground.  The boys rarely get to go there, so they were so excited and on board from the minute we mentioned the place.  We decided as a family that the boys would have to go seven days without sucking their thumb/ arm.  If they can stop for seven days, they can go to the indoor playground (this place is awesome, a huge labyrinth of climbing tubes and slides, a train, miniature golf and even a little pizza shop). 

We aren't going to be crazy strict about enforcing this.  We realize they will make mistakes.  It's such a habit to slip that thumb in the mouth, especially when they are having down time like watching TV or listening to a story.  As long as they are really trying, they will be rewarded.

As the day went on, I wondered what habit I could give up.  I could join my boys in a lesson of self control.  I was having trouble coming up with something but then one of my good friends messaged me on FB later in the evening.  She wanted to know if I would be interested in revisiting a 21 day challenge that we did a year ago.  What great timing!

Here is the 21 Day Challenge:

I pinned this on Pinterest about a year ago.  I tried to find the source, but it didn't link to anything.  If this is your "No Junk Food Challenge"  please let me know so that I may give you credit.
We are going to start a new challenge soon.  We may follow this one just as it is, or we might tweak it a little.  I'll let you know when we start.  You can join us too! 

We Can Do This!

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