Thursday, July 5, 2012

Back From A Vacation!

Webster defines the word "vacation" as:  A period of rest from work!
HA!  Anyone who has kids knows there is NO SUCH THING AS A VACATION!
Now, if we are talking in simple terms as "work" being your place of employment only.....well then, I guess I had a period of rest from "work".........a vacation.
But if we are talking about "work" being described as toil and labor....I definitely DID NOT have a vacation.  Don't get me wrong, we did have some lovely family time!  But, it was exhausting.  I am glad to be home!

Did I manage to drink a lot of water while on vacation?  Umm, does the ice in "iced coffee" count? 
And the veg thing?  Don't some public schools claim french fries as a veggie? 

I honestly tried to eat some green beans when we went to a local family restaurant, but they came drowned in butter (note to self, make sure you ask the waiter if they come soaked in butter before you order).  I took a few bites, but left the majority in the dish.  By the way, if you ever come across "Ham Balls" on the menu, Steer Clear!
Basically I didn't fare so well on our vacation. 
Now that we are home, I'm ready to dive back in. 

MORE WATER, MORE VEG minus the saturated fat!

What is your best advice for eating on vacation?

We Can Do This!

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