Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 3..I have to pee

5' 7" at 162 pounds and 39 years old.  I wasn't going to put that information out there...but there it is!  I just crossed over the BMI threshold for "normal weight".  I am now considered officially "overweight"  "sigh".   This time last year, I had had success with Weight Watchers and dropped 15 pounds leaving me at 137.  I gained it all back plus 10 more pounds...IN A YEAR!

I have been asked multiple times if I am expecting my third baby (I carry most of my weight in my belly).  Seriously people?  Don't you know never to ask that question?  Because when I answer "No, I just need to drop a few pounds" It's a pretty uncomfortable moment.

I just bought a new pair of capris yesterday.  When I read the receipt, the description said "Plus Size Capris".  THIS is why I have started this blog.  It's time to stop pretending like nothing is happening!  It's time to DO SOMETHING!

More water!  More veg!  We need to make this a mantra!

Have you been asked if your are preggers when you're not?  How did you handle it?

Small changes, big rewards (I'm banking on this!)
We Can Do This!

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