Monday, July 9, 2012

Staring 40 In The Face!

In 8 months and some odd days I will celebrate my 40th birthday.  It's now or never people!  It's time to motivate and move.  That's right!  Exercise!  I am setting my 8 month goal today.

I know that I will not be able to meet my weight loss goal without exercise... unless I want to walk around feeling like a hollow log desperate for a full belly.

My goal is to loose 23 pounds in 8 months. That will bring me to 140.  This weight puts me right where I need to be for a healthy BMI.

The exercise bike has been pulled out and space cleared to revive my old workout videos (yes still on VHS).  I will take it slow.  I will consider any amount of exercise a triumph!  I will not scold myself if I can't make it to the end--or even to the middle of a 30 minute workout! 

Have you set any goals? Care to share?

Get Up.

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