Thursday, July 19, 2012

Organize for a Moment

Part of my transformation is to get organized.  Too many areas in my house "Get on my last nerve!".  Overstuffed closets, jumbled junk drawers, makeup mayhem....It's time to tackle these areas one at a time. 
My fridge was very empty; awaiting a fill up from the grocery store.  What better time to give it a clean out then when it's mostly empty?  In my haste to get it done, I dragged everything out and then thought....Oh, I should have got a "before "picture.  So you will have to trust me on this one.  My fridge is cleaned out!  Everything is within it's expiration date!  I even moved the fridge and cleaned the floor underneath.

How do you store your onions?  I usually put them in one of the crisper drawers in the fridge...Is there a better way?  How do you keep the flakes of the onion skin mess under control?

I also tackled the silverware drawer.  Here is the before picture!  I know your diggin' the orange, circa 1970 silverware tray!

I used to have a child proof latch on this drawer because I kept the paring knives in there....look at that gray one pointing the wrong way!  Lacerated finger waiting to happen.  The boys are able to get their own silverware now, so it was time for a change.
I bought some silverware bins at Wal-Mart for around $2.40 a piece.  Now it looks so much better and is much safer for little fingers!

Small Changes!  Big Rewards! 
Join me in getting organized one little step at a time.
We Can Do This!


  1. I never keep my onions in the fridge. I keep them in a plastic bin (with holes in it for air) in the basement. That way I can dump out the onion skins and wash out the bin. People differ in their opinions of onion storage. cool and dry is the most important.

  2. What a nice article! Everything here is absolutely so awesome. Thanks for posting!

    1. So nice of you to stop by! And thanks for the nice comment!


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