Saturday, July 7, 2012

That's It! No More Cookies!

Self Control is something that I stuggle with when it comes to food.  Especially yummy dessert types of food.  Chocolate, Cookies, and Brownies...OH MY!
I know better than to buy any of these at the grocery store.  If I were to buy a bag of Oreos, my kids would get one serving and I would eat the rest until they were gone.  And all the while in my head I say "Well, I HAVE to eat the whole bag now!  Get them out of the house and start fresh tomorrow!"  So far that plan HAS NOT worked out very well. 

I'm bordering on the idea of just saying NO to cookies and other goodies forever.  Oh the horror!  I almost feel like I'm addicted to these types of foods when they are within my reach.  I just can't let them sit in the cupboard.  I HAVE to eat them. 
It sounds crazy, I know....

For now I will say NO to buying anymore of these sweets--not even the 100 calorie packs of cookies (because you know I will eat all six packs until they are gone).  I will allow myself to have a treat while at a birthday party or other special occasion.  I need to find a better food choice to satisy my sweet cravings 'cause carrots sticks ain't cuttin' it!

I hate drinking water!  LOL....this is so funny to me!  I really hate it.  I'm actually smiling from ear to ear right now.
The very thing that I am working to drink more of .. I hate!
It's boring and has no social meaning.  You never say to your best friend "Hey, let's meet for a cup of water". 

Not doing so well on this avenue but rather than put the car in park and get out, I will shift into drive and get moving. 
I can do this!
We Can Do This!


  1. Have you ever tried the Crystal Light packets for water?? My favorites have always been Lemonade and Raspberry Ice but they have a ton of flavors! Maybe that little bit of flavor will help you get the water down?

  2. Ohh, Raspberry Ice sounds yummy!


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