Monday, February 25, 2013

Let's Boost Immunity!

We're sick.  All of us with heads colds.  My oldest son started it off on Friday night (okay it was really the wee hours of Saturday morning).  He woke up crying and burning up.  He had a temperature and a sore throat.  I gave him some chewable Tylenol and luckily he fell back to sleep.  He woke in the morning like nothing ever happened, he felt all better!  My husband ,however, woke with a full blown head cold.  And now it's my turn.  My youngest only seems to have a runny nose so far.  Our weekend was shot!

It seems everytime we are sick, I evaluate our lifestyle.  Are we too busy, are we making poor food choices, not getting enough exercise?  Sometimes, no matter what you do, you still end up being sick.

Here are a few things we do to try and keep ourselves healthy.

1.  Wash Hands! 
As soon as any of us comes home, the first thing we do is wash our hands. When the boys come home from Pre-School we sing a little tune.

They take off their shoes, hang up their backpacks and wash their hands before snack.  I believe washing hands is one of the biggest helpers in fending off the sick germs!

2.  Eat plenty of fruits and veggies. 
The easiest way for me to make sure the boys are choosing fruits and veggies is to have them already washed and sitting in a container in the fridge.  They just help themselves to blueberries or strawberries or carrots--they are right there!

3.  Get enough sleep!
               Here is a chart from The National Sleep Foundation 
4.  Take a multi-vitamin!
The boys take their kid's gummy vitamins and my husband and I take a men's/ women's multi.  We also take an extra vitamin C.   
What is your tried and true way to keep healthy?  I'd love for you to share!
Healthy days to you and your family!  We can do this!
I am not a health care professional.  Always check with your healthcare provider for accurate, up to date information about healthcare.  These are just the things that we do to try and stay healthy.


  1. I always change my clothes when I come home, especially this time of the year and *especially* before I step foot in the kitchen to start cooking.

    1. Good idea! Especially with all you get into at work!


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