Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Itching To Paint Something!

How often do you feel like decorating or redecorating your home?  I'm always thinking of painting a room or moving the furniture or redoing the kitchen.  I want to make our home more of a reflection of who we are, but I don't want to spend thousands of dollars! 

My husband and I bought a fixer upper in 2004, right before we got married.  We wanted a fixer upper.  My husband, Mike,  is very handy and has worked in the construction field and in HVAC.  We knew in the long run, we could save a ton of money by buying a house that needed a lot of work and then doing ALL that work ourselves.  We bought the house in October.  Mike moved in right away.  We were married in December.  Then I moved in.  I had no idea what I was in for....but I soon found out.  We gutted the entire house, ripped off the second story (it was an old cape cod with slanted ceilings) and built an addition.  We lived in the construction (not something I would recommend, but we were trying to save as much money as we could).  


I was just so thrilled to be married to the man of my dreams, and now living with him, that I didn't really mind all the construction around us. 
Now when it came to making decisions, I was very practical.  We were pinching every penny and stretching every dollar!  Believe me if Pinterest would have been around in 2004, my marriage may have had a rocky start (have you seen all the ideas out there?  And those ideas can get pretty costly)!
My husband's friend, who was helping with the kitchen install, handed me a booklet that had three styles of kitchen cabinets in three different wood tones.  "Here" he said.  "You need to pick out which cabinets you want."  "Okay!" I replied excitedly!  I was so happy to be GETTING a kitchen. Up until now we were cooking in an electric skillet on a 2X4 that was stretched across the last remaining skeleton of the existing base cabinets.  I picked out the cabinets I liked based solely on the color.  I had NEVER shopped around for kitchen cabinets.  I'm not even sure I was aware that one COULD shop around for kitchen cabinets.  I never paid attention to the set-ups in the big hardware stores because I never needed too. 

Enter 2013! 

I have a nice kitchen, but I really don't like my cabinets.  Now that I've had some time to take notice of the set ups in the stores, pin the  kitchens I love on Pinterest and watch the remodeling shows on TV, I REALLY want white cabinets!  I want to change the hardware and make the kitchen reflect more of our style (okay, my style....honestly, Mike would be still be happy with the 2X4 and electric skillet)!  I've been thinking about painting the cabinets!  WOO HOO!  Should I paint them white?  I'm thinking of a light grey blue for the walls and getting rid of the country red!  Eeek... it makes me excited just dreaming of it!  What do you think?

Here's my's a very small space.

And here is a picture of my inspiration....

I would like to think that one day, I will have a cottage looking kitchen like this one. 
Do you have any DIY projects on the go?  We Can Do This!

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