Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Future Of The Phone Book

Ya'll know that I'm on an organizing binge...slow though it may be.  After achieving nothing over the weekend from having a house full of sickies, I decided to get back in the game by going for a small junk drawer.

Here it is:
  It holds the odds and ends.  And it holds the phone book.  See it?  It's there, under the furniture sliders, under the pink paper.  You can just see a little tad of yellow peeking out.
I tried to organize this drawer before, but used the wrong containers.   One container holds Command Hooks, sticky tack and key rings.  The other container holds batteries. 
It's important,when organizing, to choose the right container!  Obviously I did not!
There is no room for anything else in there.  If only that phone book didn't take up so much space.

I emptied everything out, sorted through it all and found some different containers to work with..thank you Dollar Store!
Here's the after:

I didn't label anything, but I have one bin for Command Hooks (am I the only one obsessed with these things?), one for sticky tack, finally the furniture sliders have somewhere to live...and I still have a bin of "stuff I just don't know what to do with".  I decided to keep the battery storage container for now until I come up with a better solution.  But notice the phone book is gone!  Now it's sitting on top of my piano.  No, that is not where I want it to live, but my three year old took it upon himself to find a home for the phone book.  It was well thought out.  He said "There mommy, now it's right here when you need it!"  How can I argue with that logic?  It will find it's way to the top of the fridge while he's in bed tonight though.

We seriously get like 40 phone books delivered a year (or at least that's what it seems like).  Most of them make it to our local recycling facility.  I keep the big Yellowbook Directory. I RARELY use it.  If I need a phone number, I always turn to the Internet.  I understand that not EVERYONE is onto the net yet.  But I think we should have the option to say "No thank you, do not deliver one more phone book to my house!"
Maybe I'll keep this Yellowbook Directory forever just to show my kids how we looked up phone numbers...as I'm sure ONE DAY, the phone book will cease to be.  Or at least I'll keep it to show them how, when we were kids, we would turn to the listing of "Whitehead", pick one, call them up and ask to speak to Mr. Blackhead.  They would always respond, "You have the wrong number".  We would then say "Oh sorry, wrong pimple" and then hang up and roll on the floor laughing.  For the love of Pete, we were so simple.

Are you organizing too?  We Can Do This, one step at a time!

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  1. Love the fact that the door bell was in the drawer.


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